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Don’t fly too close to the sun…You’ll fry.

Don’t fly too close to the sun... you’ll fry, crash and burn to a crisp. These are the thoughts that race into my brain as I sit here on the balcony in Rocky Point sipping coffee.  "I made it."  I survived the onslaught of work that I placed in front of me to get to this moment.  Four days away with my wife and a few great friends free from work and the busy-ness of being a parent with no schedule or major decisions that HAVE TO BE MADE.

It feels good, honestly.  But, I have the sinking suspicion that I barely got here by the skin of my teeth.  I almost didn't make it... and that scares me.  I have worked tirelessly over the last 6 years to build this business.  If you were to add up and average the work week I have put my heart, soul and efforts on the line for 5 Words Media (my day-to-day business) it would probably run dead-shot in the 80+ hour work week.  That's not healthy.  I'll be the first one to admit it, but the exhaustion pace and the desire not to fail is something that I was willing to live with more than the actual realization of becoming a failure.

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100% – How different would your life be if you had courage…

How different would your life be if you lived with courage 100% of the time? How different would your thought-life be? How different would your emotions, relationships, and perspective be? These are the thoughts that run through my mind in those moments when fear grips me.  When the desires I have for my business , life and family seem just out of reach.  I am afraid and I run to my mentors or podcasts to search for the answer that will "fix my current situation" and stow away my fear and it hits me...

"Sometimes you don't need more training or equipping. You just need courage."

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Happy New Year! The New Year is Here and I’m Already Exhausted…

Happy New Year!  The celebration rang out through our neighborhood in Peoria, AZ and I woke to the sound of fireworks at midnight when my jet-lagged brain thought "here we go again."  2018 had come and I was not even close to being ready for it.  2017 was an amazing year of firsts.  First time on a cruise.  First time traveling to Europe.  First time my business became a multi-million dollar venture.  First time publishing a book & first attempts at becoming a serial entrepreneur all climaxed into a glorious crash of epic proportions.

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Weekly meetings are for no one… except you.

At the beginning of your new venture, you may look crazy. Kind of like the guy on the subway crazy who is talking to himself or the mother chastising her 3 month old for her poor behavior, but you need to schedule reoccurring meetings with...yourself.  This meeting is the single most necessary starting point for your business that you should never be late to.  Your business depends on it.

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How to celebrate your success without feeling guilty about it!

Sometimes we forget things on the road to success... important things. Car keys, an appointment or to remember to say "I love you" when we head out the door. As an entrepreneur, we aren't superhuman.  We try to take on the world, anticipate every obstacle before it happens and negotiate deals for breakfast, all before lunch - but we just can't do it all.

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Starting a business is scary, yes. But not dangerous…

Starting a business is definitely a scary venture, but it isn't dangerous if you do it right. There is definitely a difference even though it doesn't seem that way at first.  Imagine standing at the edge of a great rock wall look down at an overwhelming descent.  You take one last look as you begin too turn around and grab hold of your rope line.  You begin leaning back slowly taking one step at a time keeping your feet toughing the rock face as your body begins to turn perpendicular to the rock face.  You begin to drop slowly and in a controlled descent one step at a time methodically down the cliff.  You are scared, but you are safe.

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