Congrats! You are now an architect!

But wait!  I didn't want to be an architect.  Well, too bad.  When you said the words "I can do this better," you signed up to build something new.  That something you are starting is being created from nothing.  It's a blank slate a new beginning and we need some direction.


"The first step of Divergent Business Design is:
Create a business focus & destination."

A business without a plan is like a ship without a rudder.  A business with a small business plan, may take a while to turn but it still has a direction, a focus and can get you places.  You cannot simply "wing it."  I know there are people who have become successful with ideas that literally fell into their lap, but don't mistake the promise recognizing an instantly good idea with the execution of the business plan behind it.  A well thought out plan is important because what you are building and how you start are a big deal.  Famous marketer, Seth Godin, describes the importance of this decision in an analogy of his famous podcast called "Start Up School."  He describes this choice as if you are playing a game of monopoly:

"If you have a choice between building a house on the blues or the greens, it’s a tricky decision because the greens charge way more rent if you land on them. But the blues are way cheaper to build. And these are the decisions you’re going to make all the time.You get to decide where to build your house.You get to decide if your house has good drainage, a good view, and is near the ocean.You get to decide how much you’re going to spend on the real estate where your house is. And once you do you’re locked into it. You can’t complain that you’re in a lousy neighborhood. You put it in a lousy neighborhood!"


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"You can't complain that you're in a lousy neighborhood.  You put it in a lousy neighborhood!"

So, how do you create a plan that leads to a powerful business that also can make a difference?  You need to start with yourself and your community.  As we have touched on previously, this economy we now live in is a connection economy.  Those who you live life with and your experiences and influences in that community is where you should look to build your business and build your brand.

My community is in the church and ministry world.  My background as a pastor, my experience with AV & Lighting technology and my experience in the construction industry allowed me to service my church and ministry community with a business based on AV & Lighting design and construction.  I have found that the more specific I am with my plan, the clearer my destination becomes and the more successful I am in creating a community and a business.

So for example, if my desire to serve the church community is my State and serving through the AV & Lighting Construction industry is my City.  Then how I connect with my community determines my street address. This is my detailed plan and focus that gives me my edge in business and can for you too.

"The second step of Divergent Business Design is: Know your customer and what they need."

Important Target Questions to Ask & Answer
  • Who is your customer?  
  • What do they need?
  • What do they value?
  • How can you provide better value?
  • Do you love them?

Do I love them?  What kind of question is that?  Its not a question.  It's THE QUESTION.  Becoming a Divergent Entrepreneur is different than any other endeavor.  It's creating businesses that matter to the people they employ, the customers they serve and the individuals who create them. 

There is something profoundly exciting about changing peoples lives. You have to love people to change them."

Daniel Gourley

​Daniel began his work career as a full-time pastor at a local church in Phoenix, AZ whre Daniel discovered a passion for ministry and the local church. Leaving full-time ministry, Daniel continued this work as by founding his own company, 5 Words Media, in 2012 specializing in the design & build of AV & Lighting systems for houses of worship. 5 Words Media started as a one-man operation in Daniel's own home and has grown to a multi-million dollar business in just 5 short years. It is this experience of starting a business centered on one's passions and desires that Daniel hopes to awaken in others no matter their chosen business, background and brand!

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