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The team at The Divergent Entrepreneur interviews divergent entrepreneurs that work day in and day out in real businesses sharing their stories, highest and lowest moments and what entrepreneurial truths they have discovered along the way.  You do not want to miss an episode!

annette - Dalton

DE Origin Stories: Episode 003

Today, Daniel Gourley (DE) interviews Annette Dalton of RE/MAX Desert Showcase.  Annette has been a licensed Realtor in Phoenix, AZ for over 14 years.  During that time, Annette has built a successful residential real estate network based on referral based business contacts.  Her approach and insight into what it is like to build a business from her very own kitchen table is what makes her a divergent entrepreneur!  Listen to this woman, the fantastic story of her worst/best moments, and what has helped her truly survive and thrive in todays connection economy!

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DE Origin Stories: Episode 002

Today, Daniel Gourley (DE) interviews Dr. Misty Tivoli.  Dr. Misty is co-owner of Healing Hands Chiropractic with Dr. Nicholas Tivoli in Phoenix, AZ.  Between both Dr.'s, Healing Hands has over 27 years of experience in the chiropractic field and has grown their incredible medical practice to a high demand health care facility in only 6 short years.  Dr. Misty & Dr. Nicholas have a unique approach to health care that can be applied from adults on down to even new-borns.  Listen to this unique couple, the incredible story of their greatest ups and downs & the principles that have helped them become successful as small business owners on their way to rapid growth!

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DE Origin Stories: Episode 001

Today, Kevin Lawrence (DE) interviews Daniel Gourley of 5 Words Media.  Daniel began his work career as a full-time pastor at a local church in Phoenix, AZ for over nine years. Leaving full-time ministry, Daniel worked in the AV & Lighting industry at a number of companies specializing in construction of world-class performance venues & churches. Daniel continued this work by founding his own company, 5 Words Media, in 2012 specializing in the design & build of AV & Lighting systems for houses of worship. 5WM started as a one-man operation in Daniel's own home and has grown to a multi-million dollar business in just 5 short years. It is this experience of starting a business centered on one's passions and desires that Daniel hopes to awaken in others no matter their chosen business, background and brand!

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You have heard many people say the phrase "you need a business plan" and they are right - to some extent. I will say that when I first started my business over 5 years ago, I had such a plan. Now, when I look back at that plan at the beginning compared to the business I have created today, things are very different. For one, the reason I started my business was the wrong motivation to begin anything.

"First rule in Starting Out: Don't start your business out of pride or anger."

 Daniel Gourley 

 The Divergent Entrepreneur 


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