Crash and burn

Don’t fly too close to the sun…You’ll fry.

Don’t fly too close to the sun... you’ll fry, crash and burn to a crisp. These are the thoughts that race into my brain as I sit here on the balcony in Rocky Point sipping coffee.  "I made it."  I survived the onslaught of work that I placed in front of me to get to this moment.  Four days away with my wife and a few great friends free from work and the busy-ness of being a parent with no schedule or major decisions that HAVE TO BE MADE.

It feels good, honestly.  But, I have the sinking suspicion that I barely got here by the skin of my teeth.  I almost didn't make it... and that scares me.  I have worked tirelessly over the last 6 years to build this business.  If you were to add up and average the work week I have put my heart, soul and efforts on the line for 5 Words Media (my day-to-day business) it would probably run dead-shot in the 80+ hour work week.  That's not healthy.  I'll be the first one to admit it, but the exhaustion pace and the desire not to fail is something that I was willing to live with more than the actual realization of becoming a failure.


Failure. That word haunts me.  It is relentlessly nipping at my heals ready to destroy the stack of cards I have assembled at a moments notice.  It is the silent enemy that creeps around every corner and its legend spreads faster than John Wick's "boogey man" stories amongst the russian mob... (its a good film, you should see it.)


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But, I have another word that I have been starting to consider: decimated. That seems a weird word to bring up when talking about business.  But, the image it conjures up is appropriate to what happens when you push something so hard that its completely and utterly fails.  I was listening to an interview with Red Whittaker, winner of the DARPA Grand Challenge, about his win, but more importantly the glorious failure of his attempts to create the first driverless car ever.


Red describes the teams emotions after an event that occurred only a few weeks prior to the event where his team was pushing their entry car Sandstorm through a circular race tracks and ever increasing high speeds until everything literally came a part at the seems:

Despite the weekend's setbacks, "everyone is focused and committed to win. Everybody's up," Whittaker said. "But moods and emotions and feelings don't count for much on this team," he added, as team members continued to work on Sandstorm in the pit area. "We've always been driven by our objectives and what it is we've got to do. And we've got a lot to do."

Moods and emotions are not what we are concerned about.  The work is the work and there is a lot to do.  BUT, emotions can warn you when you are bout to crash and burn while running too fast with nothing to hold on to.  I am going to hold on to this view a little more.  Before I get back to work.

Daniel Gourley

​Daniel began his work career as a full-time pastor at a local church in Phoenix, AZ whre Daniel discovered a passion for ministry and the local church. Leaving full-time ministry, Daniel continued this work as by founding his own company, 5 Words Media, in 2012 specializing in the design & build of AV & Lighting systems for houses of worship. 5 Words Media started as a one-man operation in Daniel's own home and has grown to a multi-million dollar business in just 5 short years. It is this experience of starting a business centered on one's passions and desires that Daniel hopes to awaken in others no matter their chosen business, background and brand!

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