Living out of a suitcase isn’t all fun and games for sure…

Living out of a suitcase isn't all fun and games for sure. It's very annoying in fact. This week is the start of national dance competitions and patience is in very short supply as 5 people live together in a hotel room designed for 2 small asian people.  It's a tough gig on its own for anyone normal, but especially hard for someone like me who has to have everything just-so...  My small amount of grace is waning thin much to the sadness of those that surround me... my family.


Grace is a virtue... Or so they say.

Grace has never been my strong suit.  I am usually the typical back seat driver,, arm-chair quarterback and judge, jury & prosecution for everything I witness in life and it shows.  It shows not necessarly in my appearance or the way I carry myself, but rather in my relationships and those closest to me.  When I am frustrated, everyone in my immediate blast radius knows it.  The shrapnel from my judgement, frustration and anger spills out over everything and those who feel the affects of it are left to manage the results.

It is not a pretty picture and most of the time I don't honestly see it.  I see what I do as being "decisive" or "direct" - taking a hold of the situation and "making things happen."  Truth is that I am really a control freak and those are nice ways for me to say that I don't trust those that I am on this journey called life with.  It's a tough gig to be in a situation that you could control, but choose not to.  It is even more tough to walk on egg-shells around the one you love who is prepared to steam-roll through the situation even if it means you yourself get trampled on.


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So... Why bring this up on an entrepreneurial blog???

I guess as I deal with my inner demons personally, I also see the resuts manifest themselves in my close personal and business relationships.  My wife and kids see these issues and so does my office manager, PM and sales engineers.  It is so closely apary of me that I cannot simply make one cut and remove it.  It is engraned in my at my very fiber like a cancer.  Nothing will be simple to remove it.  Rather, piece by piece, I need to perform microscopic surgery day by day to see a difference.  It is life threatening.  It is quality of life threatening and I love those too much that have decided to be a part of me.

Today it changes.  Today the Dr. is in.

Daniel Gourley

​Daniel began his work career as a full-time pastor at a local church in Phoenix, AZ whre Daniel discovered a passion for ministry and the local church. Leaving full-time ministry, Daniel continued this work as by founding his own company, 5 Words Media, in 2012 specializing in the design & build of AV & Lighting systems for houses of worship. 5 Words Media started as a one-man operation in Daniel's own home and has grown to a multi-million dollar business in just 5 short years. It is this experience of starting a business centered on one's passions and desires that Daniel hopes to awaken in others no matter their chosen business, background and brand!

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